About Us


Who We Are ?

You can call us a helping hand or you can call us your assistant. We are an independent group Trying to help as many people we can by educating them on different topics.

Our Story

We used to be very sad when nobody used to help us. But, We never lose hope. We kept on learning new things and when we reached a level, we thought why can't we help others ?

That is how we started this.

As a Company

We are being supported by many people. We can not name all of them as the list is long. But in short, We are very grateful to have them with us.

We work as a consultant. But, a free one. We do not charge anybody for any help. Information on our blogs is completely free and additional support is free as well.


Our goal is to see everybody happy in their life. By lending a helping hand, we are trying to achieve our targets.

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