Best Insurance company in USA

Best Insurance company in USA
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Auto Insurance is one of the main things when it comes to driving a car. Having an Auto Insurance is as important as having a driver’s license. What will happen if a cop finds you without Auto Insurance ? it is very important that you always have a valid Auto Insurance while driving. And even when your parking is parked. But, what are some of the best places to get the auto insurance with the best policies. Here we are with the best insurance company in USA.

Auto Insurance industry is mainly dominated by some of the key players. In fact, top 10 insurance players control more the 70% of the market.

These best insurance companies in USA have way too many options when it comes to Auto insurance. However, All of them have different features and advantages,

We have listed the top best insurance company in USA. To help you choose the best option for you, we will try to explain what makes them unique.

State Farm

Best Insurance company in USA
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State Farm is mainly owned by its policy holders as it is operates as a mutual insurance company. When we talk about best insurance company in USA then first name that comes in our mind is State Farm. It holds 18% of the total available market share. Which mainly means one out of five dollar spent on private auto premium goes to state farms. What makes it the best insurance company ? IT employees more than 60,000 employees and more than 15,000 agents working for them.

Whosoever wants a local agent and a personalized insurance experience then State Farm is the best option for them. However, it doesn’t offer the the most competitive rate but if you are willing to go for it and pay. then State Farm is the best option.

Check Out State Farm


Photo Credit goes to Progressive

Progressive is another biggest insurance company in the USA. Not Only Auto, They insure house, boats, motorcycle and many more. Providing the best competitive price in the market makes it one of the biggest insurance company in USA. On progressive, you have the option to purchase the policy online And by Phone as it mainly provides their customer the ability to purchase it directly by signing up.

It is a publicly traded company with over 30,000 employees and more than 350 office. Which makes it one of the key players in the insurance industry.

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Best Insurance company in USA
Photo credit goes to USAA

When it comes to insurance, you can never forget to mention USAA. USAA is the largest private company which was originally founded by 25 Army officers. It is located in San Antonio. Mainly to insure each other’s car. Today, It insures millions of US army personnel.

However, their membership rules and regulations are very strict. As they do not allow anybody who is not associated with army directly or indirectly. However, once you get into it, you will experience the best customer service along with the best competitive rates. Currently they only serve current military members, former military members, family members of military background and cadets or midshipmen.

Check Out USAA for the latest updates

American Family

Best Insurance company in USA
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American Family was started with the simple goal in mind. Mainly to insure the American farmers. Somewhere in 1930s, they planned on expanding. They started insuring non farmers as well. In recent years, They become one of the best insurance company in USA. As per the records, they paid over 3 billion dollars in home, auto and many other insurance claims.

In short, American Family is one of the best company if you want to go for. They offer great competitive price, discounts and many attractive offers for their customers.

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Photo Credit goes to AllState

With over 75,000 employees, AllState is the second largest publicly traded company and casualty insurance company in America. In other words, they have great number of agents to serve their customer with their needs. They work more like State farms.

Esurance, one of the subsidiary of AllState, They also operates in the same field. As per AllState, Esurance is more into Brand sensitive customers. Whereas, Allstate is more into people who love personal service and agent based services.

However, They provide wide range of discounts to their customers. But, due to its high price and average claim satisfaction rate, we have put it on number 5. Overall, it is one of the best insurance company in USA.

Check Out AllState for the latest Update

Here, some of the best insurance company in USA.

In short, always make sure that you have a valid insurance as it is very important. Driving without license or insurance can lead to some serious circumstances. check out what happens when a cop find out that you are driving without insurance ?

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