Best Ways To Monetize your Website And Earn

Best Ways To Monetize your Website And Earn
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People Everyday look for ways to make money. They want to make sure that the cash flow never stops. To do that, they try all the available options. Sometimes, they start working from home, they try ways to make money in short time. But, some fails and some succeeds. It all depends on the person’s dedication. However, If you have a website or blog. Then, you have high chances of making money. In other words, You have a gold mine if you have a website. Mainly, Because there are some best ways to monetize your website and Earn.

People ask me everyday about what are some of the best ways to monetize their website and earn. But, if you look around , you will find end number of ways.

If you have a website then we have some of the best ways which you can follow to make a side income.

Ways To monetize

You can try these ways to monetize your website:

  1. Ad Network
  2. Affiliate Marketing

Lets talk about a little in deep about above mentioned topics.

Ad Networks

Best Ways To Monetize your Website And Earn
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You must have seen people paying money to advertise their brand online. People spend loads of money in advertising. This is where Ad Networks come in picture. They take the money and advertise the brand online where ever possible.

There are way too many Ad Networks in the market. But, on the top there is only one name


How this all thing works ?

It is very simple. Google has two different platforms. One is for Advertisers who like to advertise their brands. And, other is for publishers, who wants to show google ads on their website.

Mainly when an advertiser pays google to advertise a brand. Google can not do it alone. They need websites where they can show the Ads of their advertisers.

Google Adsense

This is the place for Publishers. If you want to monetize your web traffic then this is the best place. There is no one in comparison to Google adsense when it comes to paying.

Google pays the highest in the market. 68% of the total, google gives to the publisher.

However, It is not an easy task to get approval from google. Google is very sensitive about policies. IF you want to be in the good side of the google. Then, Make sure your website does not have anything which is violating google’s Policies.

Till the time, your website is following their policies, Google is happy to pay you every month.

Google pays on monthly bases and its minimum payout threshold is $100.

For example, If you have earned $100 in the month of January. Then, You will get it in the next coming billing site.

Things to keep in Mind:

  • Always Follow google Policy
  • Do not use copyright images (use pexels or any other website for royalty free images)
  • Do not overload your website with content which makes no sense
  • Make sure your website has a valid Privacy policy, Terms of Use, Sitemap, about Us and other useful pages
  • DO NOT use fake clicks, Bot traffic or any wrong ways(Google Is smarter than any of us)

IF you follow these things, You have good chances of getting an approval from google Adsense.

Once you get the approval, Google will start displaying Ads on your website after few Hours. Whenever someone clicks on the Ads, you get paid.

Affiliate Marketing

Best Ways To Monetize your Website And Earn
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What is Affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing nothing but promoting some else’s product and make commission on sale. In other words, Whenever someone buys that product thru your Web link, You will get the commission.

For instance, A person is promoting product of Seller B. So, whenever any person buys the product through the web link given by A person, A person gets a small commission out of it.

Affiliate marketing is a effective way to make money. If you have a website then this can be a good passive income.

In other words, there are some of the best platforms available which can allow you to kick start your affiliate marketing business.


  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Ebay Affiliate Program

these are some of the best platforms.

You know all the above mentioned websites as they do not need any introduction.

However, For a deep study of these platforms.

GO TO How To Start With Affiliate Marketing And Start Earning

So here we are, These are some of the best ways to monetize your website and earn.

Why i covered few topics? I only talk about things which i know and which i have tested. Why to talk about things which we do not know. Right !!

However, do Leave a comment expressing how you feel and suggestions are always welcome.

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