How to Build Any Skillset

How To Build any skillset: People been asking here and there about how to build any skillset Or how to build any skillset in 10 days or how to build skillset quickly. In other words, is it possible to build a skillset ? My Answer is Yes to all te questions.

As per the studies. Anybody can build any skillset. It is just the matter of time and dedication.

But, is there really any ways to build any skillset ? everyone is trying to do something different but they are unable to do it. They all think building a skillset is difficult.

Build Any Skillset
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Like, a farmer wants to get into a different field, other than farming. Can this be done ?

People always think building a skillset is difficult and take alot of time. Well this is true. But, building skillset which gets the work done can be aquired quickly.

For instance, you learned to build a rocket and it will land on the moon. I am not saying this will go the right way (just kidding). But you will be able to come out with something.

Have you ever noticed, in your daily life, you are always learning something new and building a new skillset every other day. In short, since your are born you are learning something almost everyday.

For example, i am sure you know how to drive. But, did you know driving before getting the driving lessons ?
I am sure your answer is No. You may have learned it by yourself like i did. Yes i did not take the driving classes and i know it is funny.
I just took the car out and tried driving it the way people drive it in the movie. After couple failed attempt, the car started moving. That is how i learned driving.
But, is there any way to build more skillsets to monitize them and make a living out of it ?
Some people might say No but my Answer is Yes !!
There are many ways to build any skillsets. However, you will have to invest a little time every other day to carve it.

Decide the skill you want to build.

Firstly, decide the skillset you planning to build.
Be it website development, blogging, or any skillset.
A month back, i did not know how to build a website. Today you are on one the websites which has been created by me.

To fulfil the first step, you need to find out the sources where you can what all things are needed for that particular skillset.

Like, there are end number of ways to make a website. This does not mean i learned coding. I know nothing about coding at all. But, i still know how to build a website.
First, i searched for ways to get things done related to it. I am, for sure, not a great web developer but i can get the work done.

For any skillset look for ways to get the work done by looking for ways on google and on youtube.

Yes!! You heard it right !!
Google and youtube are your best teacher. I do not even remember the number of things i have learned from google and youtube.

I am not saying they will make you perfect in that particular field. But, you will be able to get started easily.

I used to pay $200 to web developer to get a website built. Additional $100 if i want an yearly support after the free support.

I have learned blogging, web development, wordpress, photoshop, pc repair, laptop repair, troubleshooting for almost every laptop software and tool. I am a full package to start a technical support (just kidding). But, yes people do call me to get their home computer and laptop fixed.

Things that you need to build any skillset

  1. Source(google or youtube)
  2. Time to invest
  3. Brain to store all information
  4. Something(that you learned) to test on

When you have all above mentioned things, you are good to go.

Trust me, you will never pay anyone to get any work done. Practicing this for not more than 10 days will give you exceptional results.

I have learned all this in not more than 3-5 days. But, asking you to invest close to 10 days for more refined results.

Learning completely varies. Some people may be able to learn it quicker, some takes a little more time. In short, 10 days to one month is the best term for both type of people.

The Truth !

Everyone can learn anything. It is just their mind which prioritize things. Always know what you are doing. Mainly, our mind is programmed in such a way that we only do work which has the highest priority. If we make building skillset our priority then it is not a difficult task to achieve. Whenever you get into into building a skillset, always try to make it a priority. Therefore, your mind will give proper attention to it.

The more you practice, the faster you will learn it. This is the basic rule which applies every where.

I covered the skillsets which are more virtual based. There are many ways to skill yourself. But, that can lead to serious damage when not done right. So, it is always better to stay safe and avoid doing such things without proper supervision. Whatever i mentioned here is for educational purpose.

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