How To Start With Blogging

How To Start With Blogging

Well, bloggers are increasing day by day and new people entering the line but trying to figure out how to get started with blogging . People have been asking here and there about How To Start With Blogging. People think blogging is something which requires good writing skills(which is true). It requires investing a lot of time. But, in reality when you get into it you will feel like its not of a big deal that people say. Yes it does require time but that doesn’t mean you need to spend your whole day just on the blog.

Blogging is something which can be so much fun if you do it in the right way. And, with the right choice of the topics. Blogging doesn’t mean you only need to talk about specific topics. While I am writing this I am on a trip with my buddies and having good time talking to them. We are driving on a long stretched highway listening to Bollywood pop songs and side by side I am doing this. 

You see its not really a big of a deal. You should know how to enjoy your work. When you are having fun while working and not stressing at all. this is when the right thing comes to your mind. All you need is start writing things which makes the whole topic interesting. But, Make sure you write informational content.

With that being said lets talk about how to start with blogging.

When you make your mind to get into blogging there are few things that you will need a platform where you will make your blog and talk about topics which you like.

How to get started:

Your are already half way when you have made your mind that you want to get yourself into blogging and make it your primary work or even as part time work or hobby.

Now we have decided that we want to get into blogging but where are we going to host them.

That is not a big task. There are a lot of ways to get thru this obstacle.

As we have just started so its better to look for ways where you will not be investing too much but still getting the outcome or even get a taste of it.

Google has a great platform completely dedicated to bloggers.


how to start with blogging
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As we all know, google always has something for us and that is usually free of cost. They always make sure the user or the blogger gets the most out of their blog.

Here you can start your career as a blogger. This platform is completely dedicated to bloggers.

Sign up, as usual, is free of cost. 

You can create a Gmail Account and go to and sign up for the blog.

Once you sign up they will ask you to setup your blogger website which you can customize thru their given themes. You can select the theme of your choice and start writing your first blog.

Choose any topic of your choice and sho case your knowledge. Keep bloggers in mind, Google has dedicated all their themes to match the bloggers favor. 

But make sure you choose the topic which does not violate their policies.

Always try to give as much information as possible to your viewers.

One you have written a long informative blog, you can publish it and it will give you the link of your post. 

To easily access the blogger, you can download their application in your android phone or on iPhone and access your blogs from there. Like we mentioned earlier, google always make sure that the platform is user friendly for both, publisher and the viewer.


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I have given you the option of but you did not like it and want to have of your own and you have some money to invest, then, there is an option to create your blogging website.

You can go to or and register a domain of your choice. Keeping blogging site in ming, register a domain. Usually website builder comes free along with the domain so. That is a good deal for you because you will need the website builder to make your first blogging website.

Best thing about website builders are, that you do not need to have the knowledge of coding. They have different templates to choose from and nothing on website builder requires coding.

WordPress has wide range of plugins which can get any work done for any kind of website.

These Website builders have wide range of themes dedicated to blogging. Again this platform is also easy to user and completely user friendly. Best part of having your own website is, whatever website traffic you will get, it will be completely yours and will help in future.

It is always better to write a long article which has 1000-1200 words but it is not at all mandate. Write whatever is necessary. Including too much content which makes no sense will make your viewers upset and you might not be able to get the audience engaged the way you want it. 

Make segments in your articles, like, you are talking about a website or food or place. Try to make the segments so that your users know where to look for specific thing in your blog


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Now we have created our first blog on or have created our blogging site with all the topics we wanted to talk about initially but how would the world know about our blog or about our website.

Well a product or anything with no audience is of no use.

But, there is always a way to get thru anything. 

You have been on social media sites. For instance, facebook, instagram and for sure use WhatsApp almost every hour to talk to your friends, family and associates. Why not utilize that ?

 For the beginning, social media is the best place to let the world know that there is something which has been created to give knowledge about certain topic, that is, your blog.How To Start With BloggingHow To Start With Blogging

You can post about the blogs you have created, on social media.

Post links with proper description describing about the topic. 

We all spend time a lot of time on social media but getting audience out of it will be so great.

 You can talk to other bloggers and discuss on how to get audience thru joint ventures.

Let other bloggers to post their links in your post and do the same for tour website also.

If you want to invest, then there are way too many options available but it is always better to start without investing and see how far you can go. There is a chance that you might not even have to spend penny on marketing.

Now you have started a blog and used social media to get it boosted with no money invested.

Whatever you do, wherever you host your blog or create a blogging website. Keep in mind that dedication is the key. You might not be able to investment money and that is not the demand too. But, you will have to invest some time in it . If you can not invest time, then, I would recommend you not to get into it because at some point in life you will regret making it as you will see it going nowhere.

Now That you have created your first blog. but, How are we going to make money from it. There are multiple ways to do it. we have gathered the best ways to monetize the website and earn money.

Best Ways To Monetize your Website And Earn

Everyday, Everyone has to struggle a bit in the beginning but eventually you will get it.

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