Legit paid Survey Websites

Legit paid Survey Websites
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Wouldn’t it be great if you just have to sit at home and get to make money. People take it as a dream but what if there is a way to really do it and make some money. Here we will be talking about best Legit paid Survey Websites.

People been looking for best ways to work from home. But, most of the time they either get scammed by the fake companies or just not able to find any. For this, you might want to visit and check out Best work from home Jobs.

But, apart from that there are many other ways if you just looking for some extra cash on the side.

You may have a pending bill, or want to buy that gadget that you been thinking of. There are several ways to get this done.

There are many sites which pay you for filling out surveys. Yes You Heard it Right !!

Alot of websites that pay you for filling surveys, watch videos, play games and download other application and make money thru that.

Sounds like a dream right ?

Lets get into it and make this dream come true.

There are a lot of websites but always go for the trusted ones as there are many websites that are fake and do not pay you at all for any work you do. so, always stay alert.

The websites we are about to mention are the best suggestions and many people are making good money out of it.


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Swagbuck is one of the leading and reliable website which provides rewards when you watch video, play games, taking offers, surfing web, making online purchase and you can also take survey from various providers.

They typically pay the highest rewards for all the offers they give. They do not accept all the countries so do check before signing up. USA, UK and Canada is always accepted. Recently an Indian reader updated that they do not allow Indian users as of now but forsake in future there will be expansion but till that time check before signing up.

They give points for every activity that you do and those are called SB Point.

They typically pay you by money, or vouchers

Their surveys take around 10-15 minutes to complete and you can make as much as $5 per hour filling out surveys.

100 SB point is equal to $1 or £0.77. Their minimum reward is 1 SB Point.

There are some surveys where you do not qualify, in those cases, they also give you consolation Points.

Give it try by clicking on SwagBucks.


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OnePoll Provides survey to press and major brands. Therefore, they are known for their short, quick surveys and cover most of the topics in the market. They give you Points whereas, 10 points are equal to $1. They have got one of the best surveys and it usually take around 3-5 minutes to complete one. You will never get bored filling out surveys as they got some good quick surveys which is fun to fill out.

They pay via cash or PayPal and as being among the first survey sites they are always quick in giving surveys and paying for it too.

You will need to have at least $40 to withdraw the money and many of the users think it is very difficult, however, it pays around 20p for a survey and a survey takes around 3-5minutes. If you do the maths, you will to work around couple hours to reach that level and if any point, you feel like it is difficultly to get to $40 then you can refer your friends and make $4 per refer and once reached $40, you can withdraw your funds from their.

To Register on OnePoll, Click on OnePoll.com


Legit paid Survey Websites
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It is one of the best Legit paid Survey Websites. These are one of those websites which pay you for playing games and surfing websites. They are also known by the name of InboxDollar in US. This might be one of the best websites as you make money while playing games and surfing websites like you usually do in your free time. They pay you as soon as you reach $20 in your earnings via vouchers or cash. They typically pays 10p to £1 for an activity.

Here, you have a wide variety to choose from to start your day on InboxPounds. You can choose Surveys, watching video, Playing games, Surfing Internet or read emails. 

It does take time to reach the minimum payout but you will get there eventually.

Sign Up on InboxPound

Opinion Outpost

Legit paid Survey Websites
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Well, they are known for having such a low payout threshold which can be reached in a day if you give proper time.

They pay around 50p per survey and as soon as you reach $2.5 you can withdraw your earnings either in cash or voucher.

They have gained the popularity due to fast payouts and providing surveys very frequently to achieve the target. By just filling out 5 surveys you can easily achieve the target and get your earnings.

Many of our readers have given us positive response about Opinion Outpost and they have made good  money out ofOpinion Outpost.

Surveys provided by opinion post takes around 3-5minutes to complete the survey. It takes only 5 surveys to complete your target as we mentioned earlier so get on it.

Sign up on Opinion Outpost

Pinecone Research

Legit paid Survey Websites
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When it comes to the survey sites, then pinecone is one of the rarest , Exclusive and one of those sites which pay really good per survey. however, you need an invite to get on pinecone research. However, they only allow you to register via invite only. In short, they pay around $3 per survey and their minimum payout threshold is $3. Meaning, by just filling out one survey you get to take your earnings out in cash. They send products for your give your feedback and you also get to keep the products too.

We do not have any information about when they will be opening for registration but as of now they only accept invite only registration.

You can go to their official site and talk to them when they will be opening the registration.


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So here we are guys. Legit paid Survey Websites.

These sites are good and reliable but that does not mean you leave your primary job and get into this because these can make you little money but you can not take it as your primary work. Sometimes you do not get any survey or activity to make money that way it could become a difficult month to pass on and without primary job in hand, it could be worse. So, keep making extra money while working in your primary field.

Have Fun !!!