Legit Work From Home Jobs

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Everyone wants to have a life where they sit at home, chill with their family. Nobody wants to go anywhere to make money. People nowadays wants to work from home. So, they can avoid the hectic schedule of going out for the work. Going thru traffic jams and reaching home frustrated is always bad for you and for your family. People look for ways to get rich quick or ways to make money quick or legit work from home jobs. They prefer working from home and this can be turned into a million dollar work in the later stages of their life. But, totally depends on their dedication and hard work. Therefore, with the increase in the industries, there is a good increase in the number of employers seeking people who can work from home.

A recent study showed that the site which mostly host free lance jobs and work from home jobs claimed that there is a 115% increase in the employee seeking work from home job.

Working from home benefits both employer and the employee. A recent study showed that by hiring work from home employee, employer are saving close to $11,000 an year. It is beneficial for both. Employees are able to work for more hours from home as compare to the office place. And, Employers are saving huge money on office expenses.

The study showed a lot of benefits including less stress, growth in productivity, positive environment and many other.

But big question comes how difficult it is to find the job. In reality, it is difficult but not impossible to get a Legit Work From Home Jobs And How to Filter Fake ones

We have put together a good number of real work from home jobs as well as shared how to spot between a real and a fake work from home job.

Virtual Assistant

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This is very great job as it has a lot of options for the new comers to go ahead and choose.

It completely varies with people as many are good with one thing and many are good with others.

You can immediately start a virtual assistant job by doing small Research and check the fields where you are good at. It can be web design or content writer or anything.

Full time jobs in this field are paid good amount as compare to the hourly basis jobs where you have to wait for people to give you jobs.

It can pay you anything from $25,000 to $75,000 yearly depending upon the type of field you have chosen.

Medical transcriptionist

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This can be high paying job as many companies nowadays seeking people who can do this.

The work typically includes listening to and typing up the doctor dictation. It may sound easy but there are many cases where doctors are eating, drinking or even talking to other people while dictating so it is challenging but if you are into it then you know the challenges and you know how to overcome them.


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You must have not noticed but there is huge requirement for the people who can speak different language fluently. There are companies who are English speaking but they are dealing with the companies where they do not speak English at all but their first Lagrange is Chinese or French or can be anything, this is where they need to work your magic.

It can make you anything from $40,000-$45,000 yearly.

Web Developer

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As you can see almost every business is going online in order to get more customers and to make their brand reach more people across the countries. This is where they need people who can design their website. There is a huge market where web designers are always in demand.

Web designers can put their skills to work in publishing, advertising and handling other business’s websites.

This can make you $60,000-$67,0000 yearly

Customer Service representative

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You sometimes call some company’s customer but have you ever wonder where is the guy on the other side sitting. He could be sitting at his home and working from there.

There is huge demand where employers are hiring people from all countries to work for them from home and take their customer’s calls which can be related to some billing or just query. Don’t worry, if you are going for such a job, they will be providing you enough training on this process.

You can make close to $30,000 yearly by taking calls for other companies from your home.

Tech Support Special

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Usually, not every person is a tech savvy person. Hence, They look for someone to help them with technical part.

You have seen a lot of people struggling with their computer or laptop every day. Machines sometimes just stop working or may have some something in his hard drive which the owner is unaware of.

If you have good technical skills, then, you can be there helping hand. This can make you good amount of money as there are very good numbers of people face problem with their computer everyday.

You can anything ranging from $50,000-$60,0000 yearly.

Travel Agent

Legit Work From Home Jobs
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Do you remember the old travel agents where you use to call to get your plane ticket or even book a hotel. Do you still do that ? I don’t think so. Internet has killed the travel agent but that is not true at all because they are making more money than before just that they look diff. Now.

You can also do the same for a little commission you can book tickets for others and book hotels.

You can charge a commission depending upon the type of transaction.


Legit Work From Home Jobs
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Well, it is safe to say the print publishing industry is declining. But it also safe to say that there is huge requirement for people who can work from home and write articles for them. This completely boomed the requirement for writers, proofreaders, particularly for the internet. 

Even if a person doesn’t have good experience of writing can also join the blogosphere. Blogging is always fun as you regrowing always but it can make you good money when you start writing for other’s website.

You can take home roughly $60,000 yearly

Childcare provider

Legit Work From Home Jobs
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If you love being around children and just love them for whatever they do. Then, this job is for you because you are going to enjoy your work to the fullest.

Their are a lot of people who have kids but their schedule is so tight that they can not give proper time to their kids. This is where you come into play. Nowadays, people look for babysitters or childcare where they know their kid will be in good hands and they are completely safe. If you are a person who love kids then stop thinking and start working.

Keep in mind, you may require license in some states to establish a childcare.

You can make Around $20,000 yearly.

Graphic Designer

Legit Work From Home Jobs
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If you know how to work on photoshop or any software which you can use fluently to edit or make images then this job is for you.

There are a lot of companies everyday seeking for graphic designers. For instance, They want someone to design logos, banners, T-shirts, create brochures and a lot of things for their company. They always pay good amount for the quality so just make sure you have good quality.

You can take home roughly $45,000-$48,000 yearly.

So here it is guys Legit Work From Home Jobs And How to Filter Fake ones. In other words, place where you can make good money just sitting at home and working in a peaceful environment. People usually try to avoid office as it is just make you sad and upset even if you just think about working 9-5 in an office.

This list is for you and it is not mandate or only options to work from home there are many others if I start talking about them then I will be writing a book instead of an article.

Look into yourself and see what you can do best and try to monitize it as much as you can.

Above we Talked about legit work from home jobs and how to filter fake ones is below


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Where ever it is good, there is bad too. Same goes for this field also. As a result, there are many people who will try to steal your money or personal information or even try to steal the identity on the name of work from home.

Never pay any upfront to anybody for work from home jobs or for any jobs as NO company asks for upfront or any sort of payment for getting you the job.

In short, never ever share your personal or financial details over the email. In general, try to avoid replying back to blind email addresses. Therefore, this is your duty to stay aware all the time to save yourself from getting in their traps and lose your hard earned money.

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