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MovieRulz: When you talk about watching movies online then movierulz is the name which comes in our mind. Just like Tamilrockers, Movierulz are best known for uploading new movies even before they are released. If there is any website which comes after Tamilrockers, then Movierulz is the best match for that.


Just like tamilrockers, Movierulz is also blacklisted by indian government for sharing copyright content.

Before Television entertainment, people have very limited things to entertain themself. Then Television comes in the picture and the whole world is changed now. More and more people are putting cinemas in their weekend List. With such a demand, more Investors from every part of the world are investing there money in Movie productions in the hope to pocket a good profit for themself.

But, there are some websites like Tamilrockers, Movierulz and many more who have something else in their mind. They are more into providing copyright content for free to public. However, Producers are investing to make some profit which is very obvious.

Movierulz and tamilrockers are so dedicated that they sometime even upload the movies even before they have hit the cinemas. Which is a great loss for producers, directors and many to all who are connected with that film.

Unlike hardcore fans who still watch Salman khan’s movies in the cinema. There are many who sometimes prefer the free thing. This is where websites like Movierulz, Tamilrockers and many more comes into the picture.

What Is MovieRulz ?

Movierulz is a public torrent website just like tamilrockers. They are known for sharing/uploading Copyright contents which is completely illegal. Movierulz have been in the market since long and been doing this since years. They have categorized all movies to make it easy for their users to navigate and download the the moives that they like.

How they Work ?

Movierulz, like tamilrockers, are so professional. Thye have different categories like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Animated movies and many more. This makes it easy for their users to navigate.

They provide each and everything free of cost. Just like Tamilrockers, you can place request for new movies in their forum or by raising a ticket.

You can find the movies in all formats. They have 240p, 360p, 480p. 1080, blueray and many more. They give their users options like Dual Audio. Mainly if you like to watch a hollywood movie in Hindi. They got you covered for that.

This website is not only famous in India but thousands of used from every corner of the world uses websites like Tamilrockers and this too.

MovieRulz Updated Website Link 2019

Movierulz are always under the contant radar of government. Despite many tries, Goverment has failed to completely shut down this website. Whenever Govt. take down their any domain. They come up with another one and it is never ending story.

  • movierulz.pc
  • movierulz.vt
  • movierulz.pz
  • movierulz.hs
  • movierulz.hp
  • movierulz.cpn
  • movierulz.ce
  • movierulz.plc

Latest Tamilrockers Website Links

These are the mirrors and websites that they control.

Whenever Govt. takes down any of their domains. Users of this websites go crazy. They are like where are we going to download the movies ?

Usually, within an hour or so, They come up with a new domain. You can join their forum and groups. People usually are very helpful there and they always update the new website.

MovieRulz Latest Leaked Movies

Just like tamilrockers, Movierulz is always in the hunt. In short, they always have their eyes on the new coming movies. Despite trying so hard these movies always end up on these sites. In other words, there some recent movies are Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Aladdin, Lion King, Godzill – King Of Monsters and many Blockbuster Movies which are already on their website.

They have set their eye on more upcoming Bollywood, Hollywood, tamil, Kannada, telugu Movies. Govt. Of India has put this site in Blacklist for sharing Copyright content. However, Govt. Of India still try always to make these kind of websites completely disappear from the world of internet. But till then, you can enjoy watching movies online.

How to download Movies ?

Remember how to download movies from Tamilrockers. Similarly, you go to the website – Choose your favourite movie- Open that movie – Click on the Magnet Bar – Open it the Utorrent Client and it will start downloading automatically.

You will need Utorrent Client to download any movie, Show or anything from any public Torrent Website. It is very small but good software to have in your computer, Laptop or phone.

Why Downloading Pirated Movies are bad ?

everybody wants to save money. Nobody likes to spend their hard earned money. This is the fact and everybody will agree with it. Similarly, someone is investing their money in the making of these movies and they atleast deserve appreciation. whenever we download any movie from any of the torrent website, somoene is losing ther money.

They invest to entertain all of us and they deserve to get it back also. You will not like if someone steals your work and spead it everywhere. you will react the same way as investers react when they see their movies on these websites.

Also, Whenver you download anything from an unknown source it is always risky. you never know what comes with the thing you are downloading. Technology has dark side also and i am sure you read news paper and how these hackers are increasing day by day. your safety is in your hands.

How it is Risky ?

Due to rise in technology, everybody gets the taste of it. many people likes to be notorious and they attach malwares, spywares and many harmful viruses in the files.

Whenever someone downloads the infected file. It enters their computer and infect it completely. It can harm your personal life as well as financial life. Always stay aware and only download anything from known sources.

Movies are much fun when you watch it in the cinama Halls. This is where the real fun lies. Always go to cinema Halls to watch the new releases with your friends. It benefits in 2 ways. firstly, You will have a good time with your friends. Secondly, This is the right way to appreciate someone’s work and encourage them to make more movies to keep us happy.

Websites like Tamilrockers, Filmywap, Movierulz and many more are illegal websites and we do not encourage anyone to use them. these are very risky websites and downloading anything from them can effect your computer and personal life badly. never encourages anyone to download any pirated movies

Our only and only motive is to educate the public about these websites. we do not wish/ encourage or support any of these websites.


Piracy of the original content is a punishable offence by the Govt. Of India. Blogger For Life( Does not support or encourage these websites and we do not encourage or support anyone to download, use or pirate any original content. This entire Article is for Educational Purpose Only.

Always stay away from these websites and prefer a legal way to download a movie.

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