Start Affiliate Marketing and Earn

Start Affiliate Marketing and Earn
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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sell products online without investing or storing any product. People have been listening to people talking about Affiliate Marketing. But, How to start affiliate marketing and earn the money from sector which you have never thought about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is mainly promoting a product and whenever there is a sell, you get the commission. In other words, You need to promote any seller’s product and whenever someone buys it, you get the commission out of it.

Now you might think that the price will go up if you sell it. But, that is not the case. The price will remain the same of the product and this is the beauty.

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for new comers. As, they can increase traffic to their website and try to crack more sales and earn commission as a side income. Best part about Affiliate marketing is that, it is completely free. You can start immediately whenever you have your website ready.

There are many platforms where you can sign up as a affiliate seller and start immediately.

Without further delay, Lets talk about how to start affiliate marketing and earn :


Now, we know Affiliate marketing can be a good side income. Therefore, A lot of people of getting on it. But, What all platforms allow you to do it.

There are way too many platforms available. however, we will be talking about the most reliable and reputed platforms only.

Amazon Affiliate Program

start affiliate marketing and earn
Photo Credit goes to Amazon

Yes ! You heard it right. Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce. Amazon Provides you the platform for affiliate marketing. All you need to do is, Register on their affiliate marking program and start.

There They have great tools to work with. You can get the products link from their dashboard.

It creates a Hyperlink, Which, You need to place on your website. Whenever someone Buys the product through your link. You get the commission.

Amazon has a wide range of products. typically, You can use thousands of the products and use them on your website. However, Do consider your website capacity. Loading too many products might slow down your website. So, do check your website capacity.

Commission given by Amazon can be anything from 10% to 70%. (check amazon affiliate program for the latest updates regarding commission)

Amazon gives you enough time to try your best and crack sale.

As per their policy, They will wait for 180 days in total. If you are unable to crack 3 sales in 180 days. Then, only they will close your account. In my opinion, 180 days is enough to crack more than 3 sales.

However, do check their policy before proceeding to get the latest updates.

Sign Up on Amazon Affiliate Program

Ebay Affiliate Program

start affiliate marketing and earn
Photo credit goes to Ebay

Ebay, another one of the best E-commerce in the world. With more than 100 millions products to choose from. They are one of those websites where they do not have to market them self. Almost everybody knows about them.

As they are one of the leaders in their field. They provide a lot of options to the people who wants to work with them as a partner.

They are paying anywhere from 5%-50% and sometimes more than that.

First, You need to sign up with them. Then, Follow the on screen steps to complete your account setup.

At last, You need to get the product links. Mainly, the products you would like to promote and sell from your website. You get the link from Ebay and then you just need to place it on your website. It is that simple.

Sign Up with Ebay Affiliate Program


You might not be able to get the sales starting first day. But, Eventually, You will make it thru.

However, people complaint that this is not at all a good business. As they are not able to get the sales and eventually get their account suspended.

But, Here is the little secret !

How It Really Works

Affiliate marketing totally depends on two things :

  • Product Selection
  • Right Audience

Product Selection

This is the main and the hardest part of affiliate marketing. Many people fail because they do not knowwhat products to target.

Targeting the right product is the key to success in affiliate marketing.

Be it Amazon or Ebay or any affiliate program, You need to know the right products. You will have to do the research for that. Check what is going on in the market.

For instance, my friend who is into affiliate marketing is cracking over $12000 sales weekly or biweekly. He only sells accessorize for ladies(A little hint 🙂 ). This is what he has been doing.

In short, Choosing the right products is one of the main factors in affiliate marketing.

Right Audience

You have gathered the right products. Which you know will get you good number of sales. But, How will you get the right people to buy your product.

This is where marketing comes in the picture. There are many ways to generate traffic on your website.

You can use social media as the medium to spread the word about your website

Or, you can use Ad networks. They get you the best paid traffic on your website. You need to use them wisely. A, they are known for depleting the balance when you do not do it the right way. You can use facebook ads and choose the right countries or even narrow down your audience to get the best traffic. which are more likely to make purchase on your website. If you are looking for some cheap rates, then, facebook is the best option for you. They give cheap rates on running your ads on mobile devices.

So, here we are and this is how you Start Affiliate Marketing and Earn.

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