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Tamilrockers: If we talk about from the beginning, people do not have much options when it comes to entertainment. in other words, people have those old fashioned radio which they hear all day listening to news, new songs and many other things.

as time passes by, technlogy is everything these days. now we have all the options in the world for entertainment. We have youtube, netflix, HBO, Television, Movie Theatres and many more. mainly technology changed the face of the world.

Another important part of the entertainment is watching movies. Hollywood or Bollywood is a multi billion dollar industry. They invest huge in the movies just for the entertainment of the public.

However, there is always a bad side of everything. Yes, Piracy is the biggest threat to the movies industry. Every year These industries loss millions of dollars due to piracy issues. Mainly if someone is leaked there movie. if 100 people are planning to go to watch the movie. Due to piracy, may be only 80-90 people will go and watch the movie in the theatre.

There are people who just love to dowload movies instead of going to the theatre. This the dark side of technology comes in the picture.


Whenever we talk about downloading free movies. It is not at all fair to not mention Tamilrockers in the list. Tamilrockers is widely known for leaking the latest Tamil movies, Bollywood Movies, Telugu Dubbed Movies and many more. Tamilrocker is a public torrent website and is very popular among those who love downloading movies for free.

Tamilrockers are mainly a group of people whose primary work is movie piracy. Whenever, there is a movie release, there is a 90% chance that the movie will end up being in their directories in less then a day or two.

There are times that they have leaked the movie even before the release of the movie. Which is really a big loss for the producer of the movie. Porducer is the one who invests his money in the making of the movie.

So how it all started.

What is tamilrockers ?

Tamilrockers was established in 2011 as a bootleg networking website. It was then converted into a publc torrent website which provides pirated copies of all type of movies you can imagine. They have all regional language movies. earlier, They have only hollywood and bollywood. Then people requested for more regional movies. Till date they have bollywood, tamil, Telugu, english, Malayalam movies. They have all dubbed tamil movies, English dubbed Movies, Telugu Movies and many more. All these movies are available in all the language for their users.

On 15th march, 2018, three men were arrested who they think are behind this website. One of them was suspected to be their administrator.

Till date, even after the arrest. Everyday a new movie comes on tamilrockers website.

Tamilrockers Latest Leaked Movies

Yes !

Still after their arrest. movies are updating on tamilrockers website. Recently, Fast & Furius Hobbs and Shaw is added. Apart from that, Lion king, Guna 369, The Angry Birds Movie 2 and mostly all bollywood and hollywood movies are there.

Right! You are thinking Fast & Furius Hobbs ans Shaw ?

This is what we re trying to say. This website is so big that even a big brands are not out of their reach.

How Tamilrockers Work ?

So mainly, Tamilrockers is well organised. You can not deny this fact at all. they have categories, tags, alphabet system to make their user experience good and friendly. Not just that, Tamilrockers have movies in all sizes in quality. starting from BlueRays which are like in Gigabytes to poor normal quality which are like 300Mb Movies.

They have categories like Bollywood, hollywood, South Indian Movies, Hdrip Movies and many more. You can search your genre from there as well.

Tamilrockers is active since many years. which means many people know them very well and what they do is not hidden from anybody.

They have Tamilrockers Forum where people contantly request for the new movies. Whenever someone sends them a request, they usually make the movie available in like a day or two. They are that much dedicated towards this.

They not only have the latest movies. If you check there, you will find all old movies as well. so if you are old movie lover then yes they have a place for you too.

Tamilrockers Website – download latest Tamil, Telugu, Malayam Dubbed Movies

Whenever there is popular name on the internet. you know people always try to impersonate that and try to warn extra few dollars on their name. There are many fake websites which are justusing the tamilrockers name and not providing anything at all to the visitors.

Tamilrockers has tried to keep few things common which you see in all their domains. the name is always there. you will see tamilrockers always in their web link.

How To download From Tamilrockers ?

To download anything from any publich torrent site, you need uTorrent Application in your Computer, laptop or phone. you will also need the same for this website also.

Then you head to their website and whichever thing you like to download you need to click on the magnet link. It will download a small file in your computer or phone. You need to open that file in uTorrent and it will automatically start downoading.

Tamilrockers Website link

Tamilrockers have many mirror websites. sometimes finding one can be very tiring. Or you can simply contact there forum and ask for the new link.

All tamilrockers websites are blocked by Indian Government.

Here is the list of Tamilrockers Websites and Mirrors :

  • tamilrockers.com
  • tamilrockers.ph
  • tamilrockers.co
  • tamilrockers.pl
  • tamilrockers.wc
  • tamilrockers.cc
  • tamilrockers.net
  • tamilrockers.to
  • tamilrockers.info
  • tamilrockers.org
  • tamilrockers.in
  • tamilrockers.lol
  • tamilrockers.ch
  • tamilrockers.icu

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Why Should Not Use Tamilrockers ?

See. Imagine you have a come up with a beautiful song and you know this is your ticket to the big stage. you invest your time and money to make all this happen. one day you wake up and check that someone has uploaded your music to a random site and everyone is using it and enjoying it. All you dreams shattered in front of you. you have invested your time and money trying to make this happen.

This is how those producers, directors, writers and many other people feel when they see their hardwork on those websites. It cost them millions in making the movie and they do it for your entertainment. what they get in return ? Loss.

We should appreciate their work. There is only one way to Appreciate their work which is by going to theatres to watch the movies, Buying the CDs/ DVDs from the authorised retailers.

Why It Is Not Safe For You ?

Technology is good but it has bad side too. Using thes websites are not at all safe for you as well. There are ways to bundle viruses, spywares, malwares with the files. When you download them, Boom ! you are done.

These things can for sure effect your financially. As these hackers are always after the finances. downloading any file dfrom any onknown source can lead to serious consequences. they can hack into your computer and can steal your personal and financial data. Which no body wants that to happen. It is always better to know what you are doing.


At the end, you know the good and bad thing about the technology. you know almost eveything about the Tamilrockers. But to end this, it is always better to get the Songs or Movies from the authorised seller. When you buy these from Authorised sellers, The creater of that gets profit too. I think this is the best way t appreciate someones work.

Cheers !!!!!!

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Always stay away from these websites and prefer a legal way to download a movie.