what happens when you are caught without car insurance

what happens when you are caught without car insurance
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People Love to drive car around the block. Some Love to drive it fast and some love to drive it just in limits. Driving beyond speed limit is not acceptable tho. But have you thought what happens when you are caught without car insurance.

What Is Car Insurance

car insurance is the policy which covers your car from various things. If anything happens to your car, Then it is the car insurance company’s job to fix it for you.(In the most simple language)

What happens When you Drive Without Car Insurance

Driving a Car without car insurance is a serious Offense. Every country has diff rules to deal with this offense. however, some of the rules are common.

  • If Someone is found driving without Insurance, their Driver’s license gets suspended.
  • When someone is found Driving without insurance, They get penalized with the certain amount of penalty that they have to pay.
  • In some cases, Penalty and/or Imprisonment for 3 Months or more depending upon the country rule.

What Makes It Worse:

What happens when you are caught without car insurance
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Driving without Car insurance can be really dangerous when you get into an accident.

For instance, you get into an accident. The other vehicle is completely messed up and the other driver faced some injuries. Then you may become liable for all the cost involved. You might be paying for the other’s car repair. Not only that, You may be paying for the medical bills too.

Too bad Right ?

Suppose, you are driving your car. Cops Stop your vehicle at one of the routine check post. They checked your insurance. But guess what, You do not have one. This kind of situations can lead you to jail followed by a penalty.

You do not even have to drive the car. If the car is at parking spot or stationary, or, You let somebody else drive it. Who does not have insurance. In all the above mentioned cases, You are responsible for anything happens.

Always make sure you have up to date insurance and drivers license whenever, you get on the road.

“I did not know my insurance got expired”

These kind of old excuses do not work at all. So, do not even try these. If you have forget to renew the insurance or forget to carry it. These penalties still apply even if the lack of insurance was not your fault or you were not aware of it. So, it is absolutely essential that you take full responsibility for ensuring that you have valid insurance to avoid anything like this happening to you.

In Short, driving without car insurance is not at all safe for you and for others as well. Therefore, it is better to have the up to date insurance.

When we hear some sound coming out of the car. We know that it is the sound of my money going to the mechanic. Or, maybe you need some fixing in your car. In situations like this, Car insurance plays a great role. In other words, Insurance company will pay for all those things instead of you.

What happens when you are caught without car insurance
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Nobody wants to waste their money. So, why drive without car insurance and waste our money in penalties and waste it paying others to fix someone else’s car.

Things To Keep in Mind:

  • Always Carry Insurance and make sure it is up to date
  • Carry your Driver’s License and make sure it is valid
  • Do not Text while driving (This is the most important point)
  • Value your and other’s life and always drive in limits

So, this is what happens when you get caught without car insurance.

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